Course: Drinks

Mango mastani

Mango Mastani

Mango mastani is a rich and creamy mango milkshake with ice cream. This is a famous drink that originated in Pune, India.

Classic mojito

Classic Mojito

Mojito (pronounced as Mohito) is a Cuban cocktail made with white rum, mint syrup, lime juice, and club soda.

Pineapple spinach blend

Pineapple Spinach Blend

Pineapple is considered as the most popular tropical fruit in the world. This pineapple spinach blend is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron, etc

Almond milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk is an easy to make nutritious milk. You can use this milk in any way that you would use regular milk.

Grape Wine

Grape Wine

A sweet wine that requires only a few ingredients. The color and sweetness of the wine depend on the variety of grapes used.

Papaya and Orange Juice

Papaya and Orange Juice

This papaya and orange juice is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin B which will nourish your skin and boost your immunity. You will definitely love this juice, even if you don’t like papaya.