Course: Thai Recipes

Thai Candied Peanuts

Candied peanuts are a crunchy snack popular in many countries. These Thai-style candied peanuts are tastier as they are flavored with cocoa powder and coffee powder. It makes a perfect party snack or holiday gift.

Thai Cashew Chicken

Thai cashew chicken or gai pad med mamuang is a chicken stir fry with cashew nuts. This is a great dish to serve either as an appetizer or as a side dish.

Thai Basil Chicken

Thai basil chicken is a spicy chicken stir fry with holy basil leaves. This dish is called pad kra pao gai in Thai. Chicken with holy basil leaves may sound strange, but trust me, the flavors are unbeatable.

Thai Fried Bananas

Thai fried bananas or Kluay khaek is a Thai version of Kerala pazham pori. It is one of the most popular snacks in Thailand.

Thai Egg Fried Rice

Thai egg fried rice is called khaw phad khi in Thai. Khaw means rice, phad means stir fry and khi means egg. This is an easy restaurant-style egg fried rice that can be prepared in 10 minutes with cooked rice.