Course: Snacks


Churros are a famous Spanish sweet treat made with pastry dough fried in oil. They are crispy from the outside and light and pillowy on the inside. Churros are tube-shaped and rolled in cinnamon sugar, usually served with a chocolate sauce. They taste similar to doughnuts but much easier to make.

Potato bonda

Potato Bonda

Potato bonda is a deep-fried tea-time snack made by dipping a potato mixture in gram flour batter. They are slightly crispy from the outside and soft on the inside. These spicy potato bondas are very easy to make and taste great with a cup of hot tea.

Vattayappam 2


Vattayappam is a soft, spongy steamed cake made from fermented rice flour and coconut. This sweet cake is great to serve as a tea time snack.

Fried banana balls

Fried Banana Balls

Fried banana balls are one of the most popular street food available in many Asian countries. This is a perfect recipe to use up overripe bananas.

Ulli vada

Ulli Vada

Ulli vada or onion fritters are one of the most popular spicy snacks at tea stalls in Kerala.



Sukhiyan is one of the most selling snacks at tea stalls in Kerala. It is made with green gram, jaggery, grated coconut, etc.

Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori

Pazham pori or banana fritters, an all time favorite snack of malayalees. It is made with ripe Kerala banana/ethappazham.



Elanchi is a crepe with sweet coconut filling. It can be served as a tea time snack.



Kozhukatta, a healthy tea time snack. It is a rice dumpling with grated coconut and jaggery filling.