Thai Cashew Chicken
Thai cashew chicken or gai pad med mamuang is a chicken stir fry with cashew nuts. This is a great dish to serve either as an appetizer or as a side dish.
  • CourseChicken Recipes, Thai Recipes
  • CuisineThai
For Shallow Frying
  • 500 grams Boneless chicken thighs or breasts
  • 2tablespoons Garlicfinely chopped
  • 1tablespoon Light soy sauce
  • 1teaspoon Fish sauce
  • 1cup Cashew nuts
  • 12numbers Dry red chilli
  • 3tablespoons Oil
Other Ingredients
  • 1cup Onionsliced into wedges
  • 1cup Bell peppersliced into wedges
  • 2tablespoons Oyster sauce
  • 1tablespoon Light soy sauce
  • 1 1/2teaspoons Vinegar
  • 1teaspoon Brown sugar
  • 1teaspoon Cornflour
  • 1tablespoon Water
For Garnishing
  • 1/2cup Spring onion
  1. Cut the chicken into small bite-sized cubes and marinate it with soy sauce and fish sauce, set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, mix the oyster sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, cornflour, and water. Make sure to mix well so that there are no lumps left, set aside.
  3. Heat oil in a wide pan, and fry the cashew nuts until they are browned, transfer to a plate.
  4. Add dry red chillies to the same pan and fry for a few seconds or until they are crispy, transfer to a plate.
  5. Add garlic and fry until it turns golden. Add the marinated chicken pieces and cook them on medium heat until lightly browned and cooked through.
  6. Add onion and bell pepper, saute for a few minutes on medium-high heat.
  7. Now add the sauce mixture and stir well to coat everything with the sauce. Give a taste and add more fish sauce or salt if needed.
  8. Add fried cashews and fried dry red chillies, mix well and remove from heat.
  9. Garnish with spring onion and serve immediately.
  10. NOTE – To avoid chicken from sticking to the bottom of the pan, I recommend using a nonstick pan.
  11. One cup = 250 ml, one tablespoon = 15 ml, one teaspoon – 5 ml.

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