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10 Easy Chicken Recipes

Who doesn’t like chicken? Of course, we all do. Check out our 10 easy chicken recipes for your next dinner party. All the recipes are tried and tested and will satisfy your guests.

1. Chicken Dry Roast

Chicken dry roast is one of the easiest chicken recipes in my blog but does not compromise on any flavours. This simple and flavourful roast can be served with almost everything. It needs only a few basic ingredients. And it tastes better the next day when you reheat it.

2.Chicken Curry

This is my favourite chicken curry recipe which I always prefer to make. I got this recipe from my mother hence my favourite in the list. Mild coconut flavour of this curry blends very well with Kallappam, Palappam, white rice, etc. The success of this chicken curry depends on proper sauteing of the ingredients, especially onion. You need to saute the onion in medium flame until golden brown. It is a bit time consuming but well worth it.

3.Chicken Fry

This is my favorite chicken fry recipe which I make quite often. I suggest chicken drumettes to make this fry, and other pieces also work well. Don’t forget to refrigerate the marinates chicken pieces at least 2 hours, this will make the chicken more soft and flavorful.

4.Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a spicy chicken dish which is very popular in south Indian restaurants. It originated from Chennai, India. It’s worth trying as an appetizer for a party or dinner at home.

5. Kerala Chicken Biriyani

Chicken biryani is a mixture of rice, chicken, spices etc. It is a complete meal. If you are thinking about a single meal party or dinner, you should give this a try. There are so many different varieties of biriyanis available in India. And this Kerala style chicken biryani is one of the best among them.

6.Kozhi Porichathu

Kozhi porichathu is a Kerala style fried chicken. Chicken is marinated in Kerala spices and fried in coconut oil. Coconut oil gives that special flavour to this fry.  This kozhi porichathu is a good combination with rice, moru kachiyathu and thoran.

7.Popcorn Chicken

Throwing a birthday party for our little kiddos is always exciting. Next time try this popcorn chicken recipe to win their hearts. Don’t forget to make some extra since the kids cannot resist themselves from eating this delicious popcorn chicken.

8.Restaurant Style Chicken Curry

Restaurant style curries always have a special taste and texture. Here I use cashew nut paste to recreate that taste and texture. This special restaurant style chicken curry will win you the heart of your guests.

9.Chicken Tomato Roast

Chicken tomato roast is a Kerala style chicken roast. Adding fennel seeds gives this roast a fine Kerala touch, please don’t forget to include it. This flavorful roast is a good side dish for breakfast or dinner.

10.Indian Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a popular Indian chicken curry which represents Indian cuisine to the world. It is a rich, creamy and mild chicken curry. Butter chicken is also known as chicken makhani. Kundan Lal Gujral invented this dish at his restaurant by mixing the leftover grilled chicken (tandoori chicken) in a creamy tomato gravy.



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